Classics Classroom Movies
coverHell's Highway - The True Story of Highway Safety Films The true story of those gory "scare" films that were shown in driver's education class. Not for the faint of heart!
coverThe Educational Archives series. Better living through 16mm movies! These educational films guided us through all of life's trials, from awkward social situations to nuclear attack. Social Engineering 101 is my favorite, but there are several more to choose from, including Sex & Drugs, Driver's Ed, and On the Job.
Donald in Mathmagic Land (Disney)This is one of the coolest and most underrated shorts Disney ever produced. It is completely surreal in places. You will never look at a pool table again without thinking about it! Unfortunately it is currently out of print, but both Amazon and eBay usually have used copies of the tape listed. Definitely pick one up if you can find one at a reasonable price.
coverOur Mr. Sun/Strange Case of Cosmic This is campy school film art at its best. Direted by Frank Capra (!) and starring Eddie Albert.
Also available is the equally brilliant Hemo the Magnificent / Unchained Goddess

Schoolhouse Rock! (Special 30th Anniversary Edition) If you remember these as a kid in the 70's or 80's, you already know that no DVD collection is complete without them. If you are unfamiliar, ask someone a little older, then check out these incredibly catchy and craftily educational little animations. Conjunction Junction, what's your function?
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