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10/04/99 If anyone has had experience constructing a foxhole radio or otherwise improvising a receiver from found parts, I would like to hear any stories about how earphones or headphones may have been improvised.
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See the foxhole radio page.
10/04/99 I have received several requests for this one. A few weeks ago, on the David Letterman show, there was a segment featuring the science projects of grade school children. One that seemed to catch everyone's attention (I missed it!) was a giant foaming reaction. If anyone caught the episode, or if they know the experiment, I would like to hear from you.
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10/15/98 I once saw a hovercraft made from plywood and a vacuum cleaner. It worked well enough that a person could ride it. I would like to see the plans. If anyone knows of a source for these plans, then e-mail me. Danny K. Blevins
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8/16/98 (originally 4/98) I have been searching for a kitchen trick I once saw on Mr. Wizards World on Nickelodeon. He had two glass jars and the one he was pouring from was clear liquid, and as he poured, the liquid suddenly turned black! I don't remember if the jar he was pouring into was clear or black liquid, but I remember being amazed that the color change went right up to the jar he was pouring from.
Can you help.....Maybe a reader may help if you post this.
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8/16/98 Does anyone have even a vague recollection of a project involving peanut butter and molasses? There is a way to get the two to start a self-sustaining reaction where both foam up into a large frothy mass. Please contact the webmaster with your reply.

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